Simple, fast and mobile ready.

Url shortener
and link tracking.

Shom is a general purpose url shortener. Signing up for an account is mandatory. This way we can have a better spam control.

1 - Browser Compatibility

Shom is built on top of yourls.org with an added flavor of a clean look & feel, mobile readyness and browser compatibility support thanks to Bootstrap.

2 - Spam protected

At Shom we work hard to keep the system free of spammy link generators. That's why we check every new account before approving.

3 - Useful stats

We think its important to keep things simple, that's why we offer a complete and solid set of stats for tracking. No more, no less than what you need.

Shom is mobile ready.

Check stats and manage your links, on any device. Being mobile-ready SHOM will prevent you from loosing touch with your traffic.

Backed by a great team

Built on top of FOOS, Shom makes use of several project, to which in some cases contributes.


Show is powered by Bootstrap, a mobile front-end framework for building responsive web applications.


As a codebase Shom implements a version yourls.org aka. Your Own URL Shortener.


To keep spam away Shom keeps a close look to daily urls generated. All spammy links will be treated as such.

Crafted by WHITEmedia // 2014